be the salt

This is an effort to give myself the space for what I can’t always feel or say in other places, and to give others with Morgellons Disease validation for the devastation which I too have long been filtered by.

Too many of us lose family and friends on this journey. Sadly, it’s because this thing is too difficult to understand. We can give LOVE without fully understanding, though.

I don’t have any answers. I only want to share the gift of honesty and understanding in the form of the only thing I have to give at this point: my thoughts in writing. Writing about this doesn’t come easily for me; the trauma of recalling the trauma… in order to capture the most honest essence in written form feels counterintuitive to healing. Because of that, the fact that I am still healing… means I have to stop feeling guilty when I can’t find the words.

When I can find the words, I will put them here. If you don’t hear from me, chances are I’m just leaning into a more joyful existance. I feel lucky to be alive. 📝

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