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writer activist lover

Decades of ‘Dear Diary‘ entries have led me here; these pages were filled with soaring highs and soul crushing lows, which is not unusual for a journal of one’s often hidden emotions.

In more recent years I have been driven to write about the extreme medical neglect and baffling cognitive dissonance from the medical establishment taking place every day in my community and around the world.

What seems like endless “salt in the wound” fuels my fury and inspires my passion for change and growth. I can’t contain it, so I decided to stop trying to.

Today I am here to share my journey, despite my fear and discomfort with this level of vulnerability, sometimes.

I’m here to use my voice for the voiceless, and offer hope to the hopeless.

🖤🧂Love Can Heal Us If We Let It🧂🖤

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