A lot of people ask for suggestions on how to treat Morgellons Disease. In the early years of living with it we all tried everything and shared results in social media groups, and at that time I exuberantly shared as well.

I think PTSD from the constant pain and loss this disease causes has stopped me from engaging in those groups. Not because of the people, but the fight or flight response from immersing the brain with the terrifying images which we all are forced to try to reconcile and understand on our own, in the photo libraries on our phones. And perhaps the grief borne from not being able to help anyone else or even myself.

I mean, who really wants advice from me when my face continues to visibly ulcerate away?

A few years ago I had the opportunity to be a formal tester for a new two-part topical system for Morgellons. It’s called TCO and the acronym stands for “Truth Comes Out”. I was impressed with the product despite the mess and discomfort of using it. Because I was the “alpha tester”, I was asked to find at least 50 beta testers from my own online community before it hit the shelves, so to speak.

My deep desire to help other people suffering with this hideous disease fueled me and I found about 60 people who wanted to try it. The owner, who’s whole family has the disease, charged everyone 50 bucks to participate and he also asked them for feedback and photos. I hated having to tell people who were already struggling financially after trying everything to heal that they had to pay that much, but we all need help NOW— yesterday even— and people were willing to pay.

It didn’t help everyone, but a lot of people were amazed. The product was designed to be a tool to show doctors in the moment, at appointments, that fibers indeed were coming out of our skin, that these aren’t contaminants, they are human bio-proteins. I thought it was genius, but really, doctors won’t even look at that.

The deal offered to me from TCO was to give me 10% of the company in exchange for them taking advantage of my platform. I turned that down because I didn’t want my comrades to think I was in it for financial gain. I just wanted them to try the product and find some- ANY- measure of healing.

Instead of being a part owner, I asked if I could just have free product sent to my house every month for my 3 kids and myself, and they were thrilled with that deal and so was I.

However, once business started rolling in for them, I suddenly was far less important to them than they buttered me up to think I was. I only received product two times. While I still stand by that product being helpful for exfoliating, I stopped using it because not only do I have zero respect for the owner, but the cold and messy discomfort wasn’t worth the benefit anymore, nor my money.


I found a new product and it BLOWS TCO AND ANY OTHER TOPICAL OUT OF THE WATER. I could blabber on and on about it because it is absolutely changing my life. But I’m going to try and keep it simple and just suggest that you find some of this product as soon as possible if you have Morgellons and especially if you suffer with non-healing skin lesions from any disorder. Every single time I use it my skin heals more.

  • ONE STEP, not two! Also no product waste because it is thick, and a little goes a long way
  • It’s all natural with 14 plant-based ingredients
  • It has a very light pleasant scent and it’s mild enough for most people with sensitivity to perfumes
  • No mess because you use it in the shower or bath and rinse it off.
  • This works instantly and I suggest using it after washing the body with soap, when the skin has softened and the pads of your bare fingers help it exfoliate as well. You will feel the debris rubbing off as you massage the lesions or thick skin areas.
  • The white debris can stick in your hair around the hairline but it does easily comb out
  • I will definitely be giving my teenagers this product to prevent acne as well, since they have Morgellons and the hyperkeratosis that comes with it

As I write this I am on the road and unable to edit this the way I like to do on my laptop, but I just had to share the news- even via my phone- because I know how many people need this product and the sooner the better.

Gentle enough for any skin on your body!

When I get to my laptop I will share some photos and show you what this has done for me in the past week.

But trust me— GET YOUR HANDS ON SOME GENIE FEET please! I have nothing to do with the company but I’m clearly a passionate fan!

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